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Meet our Newest Therapy Staff Member!

Franco Crincoli, PTA

We are pleased to announce the addition of Franco Crincoli, PTA to our full time physical therapy staff.  Franco grew up locally in Bloomfield, NJ, received his Physical Therapy Assistant degree from Essex County College in 2015 and is licensed by the State of New Jersey.   

Prior to becoming a therapist Mr. Crincoli was a competitive gymnast and martial artist who traveled the country competing in tournaments.  Franco is also a certified personal trainer and strength coach assisting high school and college athletes becoming stronger versions of themselves.  

In his spare time Franco is a avid gym-goer who loves indoor rock climbing and martial arts.  In his own words Franco considers himself to be a "movement enthusiast and an all round science nerd."  

To book an appointment with Franco, please call (973) 575-7576 or email

Gregory Majestic, DPT, Joins Caldwell Therapy Center

Caldwell Therapy Center is pleased and excited to announce a new addition to our staff: Gregory Majestic, DPT.

Mr. Majestic is a physical therapist specializing in manual therapy. For the past five years Greg honed his skills in an outpatient practice specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation. There he worked with a diverse population of all ages. Recently Greg relocated to our area and joins our team.

Greg graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Greg is certified in the Graston Technique® and is now pursuing certification as a Certified Integrated Manual Therapist (CIMT).

Greg is passionate about sports and exercise as a means to maintain health, manage stress, and enjoy life! He enjoys skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, golf and basketball. His love of physical activity has influenced his approach to physical therapy, where he enjoys encouraging people to return to their personal and professional passions.

To book an appointment with Greg, please call (973) 575-7576 or email

Annual Physical Therapy Check Up

It's Time for your Annual Physical Therapy Check-Up

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors can be root causes for many chronic diseases and conditions. Physical therapists (PTs) are uniquely qualified to routinely screen members of the public, promote healthy lifestyles, identify patients and clients who would benefit from physical therapy, and triage and refer individuals to appropriate health care providers beyond the scope of physical therapy.

Preventative Care

More and more people are scheduling annual check-ups with their physical therapist in addition to their regular physician.  Why?  Because the role of physical therapists has evolved.  Physical therapist's are able to provide preventative care for many individuals through  personalized programs.   An annual visit to a physical therapist includes a detailed evaluation for physical strength, mobility, flexibility, and overall health and fitness level.


A regular visit to your physical therapist may also significantly reduce your health care costs in the future. A therapist can help improve your health with a holistic approach by enabling you to avoid health issues before they are allowed to get worse.   Your physical therapist may spare you the expense and pain of having major surgery or spending a lot of money on prescription drugs. Your therapist can help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  It all makes sense and is a worthwhile investment to consider physical therapy as part of your preventative care.

Caldwell Therapy Center therapists are highly motivated professionals, trained and eager to meet your individual needs. We are dedicated to comprehensive, compassionate hands-on care. It is our commitment to quality that sets us apart.

If you think you would benefit from an annual exam, please call (973) 575-7576 or email



Heidi Quackenboss: Foot & Ankle Expertise

athlete ankleHeidi Quackenboss, PT, DPT, CKTP™, COMT, has completed masters level advanced training in differential diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of the foot and ankle.

At Caldwell Therapy Center our therapists continuously educate themselves on the most current & effective medical strategies.

For more information call (973) 575-7576 or email


Danielle Brunello, PTA, Joins Caldwell Therapy Center

Caldwell Therapy Center is proud to annouce the addition of Danielle Brunello, PTA, to our staff.

Danielle joined our staff after receiving her Physical Therapy Assistant Degree from Essex County College in May 2013.  

"Dani" as she is called, has extensive experience working with people as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.  Her specialty: Spin and Cardiobox.  

Before receiving her undergraduate degree at Northeastern University, Danielle cross-trained the Huskies varsity swim team and varsity field hockey teams.

Direct Access to Your Physical Therapist - No Prescription Needed

Did you know you can see a Physical Therapist without a doctors prescription?

New Jersey along with 47 other states & the District of Columbia have enacted public laws known as Direct Access enabling individuals to seek the services of a Physical Therapist without first getting a prescription from a physician.

Today's evolving healthcare  environment is tempered by the need to control health care costs.   Patients need  easy access to qualified and well trained healthcare  professionals.  

Direct Access is helping to meet this goal.  Direct Access is an effective tool allowing patients immediate entry to a qualified Physical Therapist.

A Physical Therapist will be able to evaluate a patient's condition, assess his or her physical therapy needs and, if appropriate, safely and effectively treat the patient. Physical Therapists are also qualified to recognize when a patient may demonstrate  conditions, symptoms and signs making it appropriate to refer a patient to other health care professionals for consultation before therapy can begin.  

For more information call (973) 575-7576 or email


FREE ACL Screening for Female Athletes (Ages 12 & Up)

ACL Screening
DID YOU KNOW? ACL tears are 4-6 times more common in females vs males!
Over 70% of ACL injuries are non contact injuries!
ACL reconstruction typically means 6-12 months rehabilitation!

Our ACL screening takes 1 hour, will be movement oriented and looks at these risk factors which could lead to ACL injuries:

  • Weak hip muscles
  • Weak hamstrings
  • Weak gluteal muscles
  • Weak ankles
  • Flatter feet- weak arch muscles
  • Increased hip to knee angle or inward rotation of femur
  • Poor jumping and landing mechanics
  • Poor cutting mechanics
  • Poor deceleration mechanics

Caldwell Therapy Center's Heidi Quackenboss, PT, DPT, CKTP™, COMT, leads this program. Heidi is a former high school and college athlete. She underwent reconstructive knee surgery herself and knows the importance of screening BEFORE the season begins so faults found can be addressed for a safer season!!


Call our office to discuss the screening and how we can help you or the athletes in your home. We can also arrange on-site screening for your entire team.

Call 973-575-7576 Space is limited so sign up now!


Call 973-575-7576 

golfers in springGet Back in the Swing

Did you know that not having enough neck rotation can make you top the ball? Not enough shoulder or trunk rotation can cause decreased power in your swing? If you over-extend your back during your swing, you put yourself at great risk for a back injury!

Caldwell Therapy Center can provide you a bio-mechanical functional analysis to determine if you have deficits that may lead to a faulty swing or potentially harmful swing patterns.  We can help you avoid injury while you can improve your game.   Give us a call and have a great, healthy successful golf season!

Call 973-575-7576 

runers in springReady, Set, SPRING!

The arrival of the Spring Season has everyone excited to be outdoors! It is important to begin all exercise with the proper stretching and warm-up routines; whether it be swimming, golf, running, tennis, biking or walking.  Call our office, speak to one of our therapists and let us help you develop a program so you can enjoy all your spring and summer activities.

Read more here.

CALL 973-575-7576 


Medically Based Aftercare Gym & Wellness Program 
At Caldwell Therapy Center you receive personal attention and expertise plus medical supervision while working out in the gym. Our wellness program includes:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring.
  • Daily exercise flow charts to assess progress and goals.
  • Basic hydration and nutritional needs related to exercise.
  • Establishing realistic goals for better health and physical fitness.
  • Establishing an exercise plan to take with you.
  • A comfortable, stress-free, safe environment for learning to work out.

Our Medically Based Aftercare Gym & Wellness Program is directed by David Grancagnolo, PT, DPT, CKTP™.

For a FREE consultation or for more information call us at (973)575-7576.


Specialists in Exercise for Aging Adults

At Caldwell Therapy Center, we believe you're never too old to start an exercise routine. However, it is important to have expert help in creating your program. Evidence for the benefits of effective exercise programs for the full spectrum of aging adults is overwhelmingly positive. It is important to become and remain active as we age.

Beth Smith is certified by the American Physical Therapy Association as Certified Exercise Experts for Aging Adults (CEEAA).   

Physical Therapists with the CEEAA credential have demonstrated expert clinical decision-making skills in (1) designing and applying an effective examination and exercise prescription and (2) measuring the effectiveness and reflecting the current evidence of exercise for all aging adults.   

Let Beth help get you active, healthy and independent.  Call  (973) 575-7576  for more information. 


Getting Fit After 50

At 78 million strong, Baby Boomers are one of the largest and most powerful generations in the U.S. They have redefined aging and are more educated, wealthy, and tech savvy than their parents or any generation preceding them. Yet, despite these advantages, some studies, including a Harvard study titled "Trends in Obesity and Arthritis Among Baby Boomers and Their Predecessors," show that many Boomers are actually overweight or obese, placing them at greater risk for chronic health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

As we age, we often lose flexibility, strength, and balance, which makes staying fit after 50 challenging, even for the most determined Baby Boomers. Working with a physical therapist can help you address these challenges, maintain fitness, and avoid injury. While helping you achieve your fitness goals, physical therapists take an individual approach and consider any pre-existing conditions or diseases you may have to tailor a plan specific to your unique needs.

For more information, please call Caldwell Therapy Center at (973) 575-7576.


50 Days 50 Ways: Follow these Daily Tips on Our Facebook Page
Beginning October and continuing through November 19, the APTA will be hosting its "50 Days 50 Ways" challenge. During this challenge they will be providing 50 days worth of tips to boomers on how to prevent injury and get and/or stay fit and mobile with the help of a physical therapist.

Follow their postings on the the APTA website or the Caldwell Therapy Center Facebook page.


Concussion Management Program

CALDWELL THERAPY CENTER now offers a Concussion Management Program for athletes.  Recent new requirements and guidelines for athletes at the professional, collegiate and scholastic levels have made concussion management an integral part of an athlete's seasonal prepartation.

At Caldwell Therapy Center we provide Pre-Season Baseline Testing and Post-Injury Assesment for both Neuro-Physical and Neuro-Cognitive testing.   Using the Biodex Concussion Management® Program along with computerized cognitie software testing we offer athletes and their physicians tools to help determine whether the post-concussion athlete can safely return to play.

Signs and symptoms will vary following head trauma. With some individuals, signs and symptoms may resolve immediately after a mild head injury while others have persistent symptoms.

In either case, the recovery period related to head injury appears to coincide with recovery of postural stability as well as normalization of eye-head coordination and return of cognitive function.

Research shows that athletes tend to demonstrate decreased stability up to three to five days post injury. There is strong evidence demonstrating the impact of balance deficits on functional performance and increased risk of re-injury.  Objective balance testing is critical.

For more information or to find out if we can help you or your sports team, please call Caldwell Therapy Center at (973) 575-7576.


Kinesio Taping: An Athlete's Best Friend

kinesiotape Kinesio Taping is the cutting edge taping method you probably recognize by its colorful look or wide use on Olympic, professional or collegiate athletes.

The Kinesio Taping Method is felt to cause physiological effects on several body systems. The systems affected are thought to include the circulatory / lymphatic, neural, muscular  and fascial systems, as well as the joints. Kinesio Taping is currently being used to change muscle tone, move lymphatic fluids, correct movement patterns, and improve posture.

Kinesio tape is used in therapy to relax overused muscles and in rehabilitation to facilitate underused muscles. The wave pattern found on the tape's adhesive has a lifting effect on the skin which can reduce swelling and inflammation by improving circulation and reduce pain by taking pressure off pain receptors. The elastic properties can also be utilized in a mechanical fashion to limit or encourage a specific motion at a joint.

"Athletes throughout the world are utilizing Kinesio Taping.  It is an effective and powerful tool." explains Caldwell Therapy Center therapist Heidi Quackenboss, PT, DPT, CKTP™, COMT an avid sportswoman, specializing in sports injuries. 

Caldwell Therapy Center now has three therapists who have trained and completed an extensive program and are now..... Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioners (CKTP)™.  

For more information on Kinesio Taping, please call Caldwell Therapy Center at (973) 575-7576.


Vertigo - Strategies for Relieving Vestibular Rehabilitation

Fottball HelmetDo you or someone you love suffer from loss of balance, lightheadedness, nausea or faintness? You may have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), dizziness thought to be due to debris which has collected within a part of the inner ear.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy or VRT may be part of the solution. Our therapists are qualified to evaluate you through medical history and assessment of gait, balance, posture, and eye-head coordination. Once the evaluation is complete, our therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan that can include:

- Patient Education

- Effective use of the Epleys Maneuver.  

- Brandt-Daroff Exercises are similar to the Epley maneuver, but designed to be done at home. They are safe and easy to perform.  

- Proprioceptive Therapy dealing with the sensations of body movements and awareness of posture, enabling the body to orient itself in space without visual clues.

- The integration of visual, vestibular, and somatosensory used to maintain one's postural balance. Postural control changes over time and body sway increases with age. The different sensory systems begin to develop and refine starting when children are young, while in older adults it begins to decline.

- Posture Therapy, the analysis of an individual's posture and design of an individualized exercise program to correct postural problems. Posture therapy is based on the recognition that a body with good posture functions better than a body with poor posture and the body can regain healthy posture with corrective exercise therapy.

- Cervical Therapy involves massages, electrical stimulation, special exercises, and the application of hot and cold packs to reduce swelling and ease inflammation. One of the most important components of cervical decompression therapy is exercise. 

- Use of the Biodex SD Balance System, a measurement system designed to meet the needs of everyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. It is also an excellent tool in fall prevention

For more information or to find out if we can help with your balance issues, please call Caldwell Therapy Center at (973) 575-7576.


Foot Orthotic Intervention Program

foot orthodicsDo you suffer from foot, ankle, knee or hip pain?  Did you know that foot over-pronation or “flat feet/no arch” can cause or contribute to foot, ankle, knee and hip pain?  A Foot Orthotic Intervention may be the answer.  

Caldwell Therapy Center's Orthotic Dynamic Assessment and Intervention Program includes an assessment of your foot and ankle in stationary positions and with movement.  We then build an orthotic based on those results.  Our lives revolve around movement and therefore an orthotic needs to be created with those needs in mind for proper foot, ankle, knee, hip and back health.  

Patients have said:  “I can’t believe my knee pain of 5 years is gone since I started wearing my new orthotics” and “These orthotics gave me my life back. I was able to walk with my friends for the first time in years.” 

For more information about our Foot Orthotic Intervention Program, call Caldwell Therapy Center at (973) 575-7576.





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